Annual General Meeting 2017

The 2017 Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 25th October 2017 at The Runway 26 Bar and Cafe, Barton.

The meeting starts at 19:30.

Committee position nominations

Nominations for the Committee must be received by the Club Secretary before the 4th October 2017. The nominee must have been an individual member for not less than two years continuously. Each nomination must be accompanied by a declaration in writing that the nominee is willing to serve, and give the names of the proposer and seconder (who must be an individual members of the club). A nomination form is available here.

Rule changes

Proposals for changes to the Rules must be sent to the Secretary of the Club in writing accompanied by the signatures of twenty paid-up members giving their names and membership numbers, to be received by 27th September 2017.

A Notice of a Motion

A notice for any other matter must be sent to the Secretary in writing by 27st September 2017, giving the names and membership numbers of five members of the Club.