Listening squawks

The recent NATS event at Barton emphasised the use of listening squawks, so here's a short list of local ones with the associated frequency:

Manchester 118.575, 7366
Warton 129.525, 3660
Birmingham 118.050, 0010
Leeds/Bradford 133.125, 2677
Doncaster 126.225, 6170
East Midlands 134.175, 4572

Other areas using them are:

Thames Radar/Gatwick 0012
Luton/Stansted 0013

NATS asks that we always use Mode C with these squawks.

Kenyon Hall Farm Strip

Whenever a duty officer is present our strip can then be opened. See latest news for opening times. Members are urged to volunteer to do a session any weekend (1000-1300 or 1300-1600). To volunteer contact us on info@lancsaeroclub.co.uk using heading KENYON HALL FARM. John Coxon

Student callsign introduced by CAA

Students are recommended to start their initial call to an ATC unit with the word "Student". This will ensure that ATCOs and FISOs recognise the lower experience level of the calling pilot and adjust their procedures accordingly. This AIC has full details.